Compost Worms

Compost Worms

Compost Worms

by Tony McCarthy

Compost worms are a mixture of similar size worms know as Reds, Blues and Tigers. As the name suggests they are identifiable by their colour and stripes as in the tiger worms. These particular species of worm are veracious consumers of dead organic material including most fruits, vegetables, animal manures and healthy compost.
An oxygenated moist compost teaming with healthy micro bacteria is a big draw card for worms as it provides an ideal habitat as well as microscopic bacteria to feed on.
Compost worms will thrive in ‘ideal conditions’ and will continue to breed according to surface area of habitat and food source.

How to Breed compost worms

If its results you want then you need to act like a farmer, i.e. nature the worms and their environment and provide a constant food source. Placing these worms in the garden is not recommended because they will disperse in search of food.
Compost worms are not the goal for gardening, it is what comes out the back end of the worm that makes a difference. This species eats and poops 24/7 in the right environment. The worm poo known as castings is Ph neutral, and loaded with millions of beneficial bacteria, nutrients and elements for plant root systems.
Note: Worm poo in itself is not the magic ingredient for plants it is rather the internal bacteria lining of the tract in which coated the poo that does the magic.

How do Compost Worms Breed?

Worms mostly breed passively by passing over one another. When sexually mature a slight swelling (clitellum) band exists at the head end. This is where both female and male sex organs are located enabling sperm to exchange externally.

How do worms hatch?

After copulation a cocoon or egg capsule similar in size to a much head occurs in which two to twenty worm embryo ( depending on conditions) can exists.

Worm Poo

Known as ‘Castings’ worm poo obtains agricultural benefits as it passing through the worms anal ducts coating of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria enriches the castings with nitrates, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium which contains the essential humus components for optimal plant growth.
Other benefits include reducing Alkalinity and Acidic soil Ph levels. A teaspoon of worm castings applied to a pot plant is enough organic fertile for a period of two months.

Where to buy compost worms.

Purchasing or ordering worms on line is not always as it seems. Like any living creature this commodity should be handled with respect in terms of its health throughout the delivery process as well as the customers value for money.
Wormz provides a biology housing of healthy compost enriched with viable beneficial bacteria during any transportation process ensuring worms arrive ready and hungry to break down your waste systems.

Wormz supplies 1200 compost worms at $25 pick up and additional products for the avid worm composter and gardener



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14 thoughts on “Compost Worms

  1. Hi Tony

    It was great meeting you to pick up our worms today, we are very pleased with the generous bag of healthy happy worms.

    Thank your very much for your time, we learned a lot and it was well worth our time coming to get the worms from you to see your set up and gain valuable advice.

    The blogs are also very informative and helpful, glad you mentioned to check them out.

    Happy farming

    Steve & Nadia

  2. Thank you Tony, our recently delivered worm farm & worms are working and producing worm tea whin days of set up. Can not get any better than that ,
    We now await the appearance of the first worm castings to distribute to our garden.
    Great service and easy to follow advise, well done.

  3. We bought some worms from Tony this morning and they are now at home enjoying our compost.
    The added bonus this morning was Tony willingly sharing his passion and knowledge with us, giving great advice and tips to make sure that we do our worm farming in the correct manner for the best results.
    It’s exciting to get more understanding of the “wonder of the worm” —and we look forward to reaping good crops and good health….Thankyou Tony

  4. I found Tony to be very helpful and knowledgeable. His Wormz look healthy and they were plentiful. I recommend anyone interested in buying some wormz to contact Tony. Great prices. Thank you very much mate.

  5. Tony is a wealth of information & his compost worms are very healthy & active & the best value for money in town

    Very approachable & his passion for vermiculture is very evident

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